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On this episode of Positive University, Jon Gordon talks with Ryan Bethea. Ryan is a producer and podcast host of the new hit series “The Exorcist Files”. The show is a deep dive into the fascinating world of spiritual warfare and is told through the lens of a leading exorcist of the Catholic Church. Since the show’s release it has gone on to claim the #1 spot on Spotify’s Religion and Spirituality Charts for nearly a month, and #4 on Apple’s religion charts. It’s a serious topic but this is actually a fascinating discussion and brings up  a lot of important questions.

Since releasing The Exorcist Files, the podcast is now number 1 on Spotify Religion, number 2 on Apple Religion… and top 40 in the US podcast charts. Go check it out at Exorcistfiles.TV

Connect with Ryan and The Exorcist Files at @theBEthea and @Exorcist Files on Instagram

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