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In this episode of the Positive University Podcast, bestselling author Jon Gordon talks with Nick Nurse, the Head Coach of the NBA champions, the Toronto Raptors. This is a power packed episode with great takeaways as Nick gives us an inside look at what made the Toronto Raptors a championship team.

Nick shares the keys to getting a team to believe in and buy in, the importance of trying new things, the benefits of collaborative leadership, why as a leader you must feed yourself with positivity and so much more. This episode is also a lesson in your past preparing you for your future. While many see Nick as an overnight success, he spent years of working in his craft of being a coach. So, you could say he’s an overnight success 27 years in the making.

The Coffee Bean BookNick is a great example of being like The Coffee Bean. He’s someone who creates positive change, overcomes challenges and transforms the environment around him. If you want to learn how to create positive change, I encourage you to pick up The Coffee Bean, a new book by Jon Gordon and Damon West. It’s a short read with a profound message. Go to CoffeeBeanBook.com to learn more.

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