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You’d think it’s just about the music, but what you’ll discover is the unexpected story behind their rise to the top, is a lesson in love, accountability, and unity that will leave you speechless. Get ready to uncover the real magic fueling the impactful journey of the American rock band Needtobreate. Join us for an eye-opening conversation on The Jon Gordon Podcast and stay tuned for the big reveal that will change the way you see success, leadership, and the power of teamwork forever.

About NeedToBreathe: 

Formed in South Carolina in 2001, NEEDTOBREATHE has grown and evolved to occupy a unique position in the modern genre+ landscape. They’ve placed five Number One albums all across the Billboard chart spectrum, from Rock to Alternative. They’ve racked up two billion career streams and scored multi-Platinum chart topping hits–deep-feeling anthems with a spiritual conscious like “Brother” (feat. Gavin DeGraw), “Who Am I,” “Let’s Stay Home Tonight” and dozens more. And they’ve done it all while filling venues across the globe, either as headliners or with a diverse array of superstars like Taylor Swift, Train and Tim McGraw.

With a successful career spanning over two decades, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the discussion. Known for their profound understanding of personal growth and team dynamics, they offer practical insights and strategies for achieving harmony and productivity within teams. As accomplished musicians and performers, their perspectives shed light on the importance of impactful leadership and the balance required for sustained growth. Their practical advice and real-world examples are certain to provide valuable takeaways for individuals and teams seeking to foster a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

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