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This week on Positive University, uncover the unexpected journey of content creator Derral Eves as he stumbled upon a low-budget short film that forever changed his life.

The powerful portrayal of the nativity story from a fresh perspective led to a profound partnership centered on Jesus, drawing in diverse perspectives of those who encountered Him. But what was it about this portrayal that captivated Derral’s unwavering commitment and deep belief in the transformative power of Jesus’ teachings?

Stay tuned as we dive into the profound impact of this unexpected encounter and the unwavering faith that brought ‘The Chosen‘ to life.

Derral Eves is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The YouTube Formula. He is also the founder of Creatus, a marketing and consulting company and founder of VidSummit, an annual video conference. He has helped 34 YouTube channels go from zero to more than a million subscribers and has generated over 84 billion video views on YouTube.

Derral’s unique skills in audience development and project distribution account for much of the project’s worldwide exposure and success. Derral came across The Chosen, he felt like everything he had done in his career and personal life had been leading to this project. It is his No. 1 career and passion and focus.

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