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If you are often dealing with the feeling of pressure to be perfect and are constantly battling with criticism and fear of judgment, then you are not alone! Many professionals struggle to navigate these same feelings which ultimately leads to self-doubt, anxiety and a low state of mind.

Luckily, this week on Positive University, my guest is Michael Gervais, PhD. Dr. Mike Gervais is one of the world’s top high-performance psychologists. His clients include world record holders, Olympians, internationally acclaimed artists and musicians, MVPs from every major sport, and Fortune 100 CEOs, helping them navigate the psychological aspects of high performance.

He is the co-founder of Compete to Create, a mindset training program created with Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Mike’s expertise lies in helping individuals overcome fear of judgment and achieve peak performance by understanding the psychological, sociological, and biological factors that influence our behavior. With a focus on discernment and the balance between caring and worrying about others’ opinions, Mike brings a unique perspective to the conversation, offering valuable insights into the mastery of psychological skills for high performers.

Dr. Mike Gervais’s newest book, THE FIRST RULE OF MASTERY: Stop Worrying about What People Think of You is a groundbreaking guide to unleash your human potential and shows us that the key to leading a high-performance life is to redirect our attention from the world outside us to the world inside us.

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