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On this episode of the Positive University Podcast, bestselling author Jon Gordon talks with LaChina Robinson, a college basketball and WNBA analyst and reporter for ESPN. She’s a dynamic TV personality, communications strategist, and keynote speaker.
During this conversation she shares some of the lessons she’s learned from  successfully transitioning from a star athlete to a respected broadcaster. She talks about the importance of embracing your uniqueness, becoming your own brand, why you need to ignore the critics, how to fight negativity, self care and a defining moment in her life that helped her excel when she wanted to give up.
LaChina is a great example of someone who creates their world from the inside out. Like LaChina, you can too when you realize that you have the power to transform any environment you are in. You can be the coffee bean! To learn how, grab a copy of the new book, The Coffee Bean by Jon Gordon and Damon West. It’s a simple lesson to create positive change. Go to coffeebeanbook.com

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