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“I want to break down what we actually can do with our feelings so that, whether you feel a million different things jumbled up or you wonder if your emotions aren’t there because you haven’t felt in so long, you will have something simple to do that helps anyone starting from any place untangle it one step at a time.” 

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of suppressing your emotions, only to have them resurface in unexpected ways? Maybe you’ve been told to just tough it out, but deep down, you’re feeling the weight of unresolved emotions. It’s time to break free from this pattern and embrace the power of your emotions.

In this transformational look at our inner life through the lens of science, scripture, and personal storytelling my guest, Jennie Allen, shows us how instead of trying to conceal or control our difficult emotions, we can notice and name our feelings in ways that lead to deeper relationships, richer faith, and lasting health.

Jennie Allen is the founder and visionary of IF:Gathering as well as the New York Times bestselling
author of Get Out of Your HeadFind Your People, Made for This, Anything, and Nothing to Prove. Her newest book is Untangle Your Emotions which releases February 13th 2024.

As a frequent speaker at national events and conferences, Jennie is a passionate leader, following God’s call on her life to catalyze a generation to live what they believe. She is the host of the Made for This podcast and has been featured in such media outlets as GMA3, 700 Club, Greg McKeown Podcast, Focus on the Family, Women’s World, Christianity Today and many more.

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