Adversity is a University. Get a degree while you're there.

Jack Easterby

About our Guest

On this episode of the Positive University Podcast, Jon Gordon is joined by Jack Easterby. Jack is the executive vice president of football operations for the Houston Texans. He formerly served for 5 seasons with the New England Patriots.

Jack shares some phenomenal wisdom during this conversation such as the top things, about leadership and life, he learned during his time with the Patriots. He also shares the most important things you can do to build trust and create great relationships as well as some of the keys to developing a thriving culture.

This is definitely a good one!

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A few quotes, key points from this interview:

  • Serve and do the next right thing.
  • First take a step back before you take a step up. Listen before you act.
  • Help people become a better version of themselves. Have their interests in mind.
  • Trust is built by repeated actions.
  • Try to learn from every person and interaction you can.
  • Your culture is what you allow and what you establish.
  • You make choices and your choices make you.
  • Make the person in front of you feel important. No matter what.
  • Each interaction is a deposit into the piggy bank of someone else’s life.
  • “Adversity is a University. Get a degree while you’re there. Take notes.”

Show Notes

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