"Real genius is being able to create a positive future out of a negative reality."

Erwin McManus

About our Guest

If you’re struggling to make sense of everything that’s going on in the world right now or just need some encouragement to help you see a better tomorrow, this episode is for you.

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. On this episode Jon talks with our good friend Erwin McManus. Erwin is a profound speaker, author and cultural thought leader known for his integration of creativity and spirituality. He is also the founder and Lead Pastor of Mosaic, in LA.

Erwin and Jon speak candidly about the realities we are all facing right now with this global pandemic.

How social distancing is impacting us. What it means for those struggling with depression and anxiety. How we cope. How leaders need to respond in times like this. How we move forward by creating a positive future out of our negative reality. Why we need to exercise faith over fear. And so much more.

You’ll also hear how Erwin helped Jon through his own crisis of belief a number of years ago and what Erwin said that may help you too.

Connect with Erwin at www.erwinmcmanus.com or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Pick up Erwin’s books on Amazon here. 

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