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Have you fallen for any of these myths about digital body language? Myth #1: Words are the only form of communication in the digital workplace. Myth #2: Digital body language doesn’t matter as long as the message is clear. Myth #3: Understanding digital body language is only relevant for remote teams.

In this episode of Positive University, our guest Erica Dhawan will debunk these myths and reveal the truth about the significance of digital body language in enhancing communication skills for leaders and managers in the digital workplace.

Erica Dhawan is a renowned speaker, best-selling author, and expert on innovation and collaboration in the digital workplace. With her book, “Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance.” Erica has revolutionized the way we think about communication in the digital age. She understands that traditional nonverbal cues have been replaced by a new set of signals and cues, and she helps leaders and managers navigate this new terrain. Through her research and coaching, Erica has discovered the power of digital body language in building trust and connection. By understanding and adapting to these cues, leaders can enhance their communication skills and foster engagement within their teams. Erica’s insights and practical advice provide a roadmap for success in the digital workplace, empowering leaders to create meaningful connections and drive positive change. Join Jon Gordon as he dives into the world of digital body language with Erica Dhawan on this episode of Positive University.

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