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On this episode of Positive University, Join Jon Gordon and special guest Jim Van Allan to discover the profound impact of the Energy Bus for Schools program has on student motivation and engagement. This episode is coming right off the back the release of Jon Gordon’s newest book, The Energy Bus for Schools which uncovers the transformative power that positive leadership has with shaping school culture and student success.

During the course of the episode, learn the genesis of The Energy Bus book came to be and how Dr. Jim Van Allan went from being a 20-year-old intern driving the actual Energy Bus on Jon Gordon’s book tour to the president of The Energy Bus for Schools program and co-author of The Energy Bus for Schools book.

Stay tuned to Positive University to find out how this unexpected journey unfolds and discover the keys to transforming your school culture for the benefit of your students. If you’re ready to shift the focus and learn new strategies for creating a positive environment, join us for this inspiring episode.

Our special guest, Dr. Jim Van Allan, a renowned educator and speaker, has been a driving force in transforming school culture through the implementation of positive principles. With a background in public speaking and a deep passion for impacting others, Jim’s journey began driving the Energy Bus and introducing Jon Gordon’s talks. His dedication led him to pursue a Ph.D., with his thesis focusing on the program’s impact on school culture, affirming its effectiveness through glowing reviews from teachers.

Jim’s passion ignited a powerful movement that is reshaping schools and students on a massive scale, and his insights and experiences make him a valuable resource for educators and school leaders seeking to cultivate positivity within their institutions.

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