If you are living a meaningful story, you have a better chance of dealing with the challenges along the way.

Donald Miller

About our Guest

Today’s guest is a brilliant leader, marketer, business person and all around great human. His name is Donald Miller. He’s the author of multiple bestselling books and the CEO of Storybrand, a company that helps organizations clarify their messages. In this interview Don unpacks the power of story and why it’s so critical if we want to communicate effectively and live a life of meaning.

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Additional Quotes and Notes from this Episode:

  • Don’t let setbacks set you back. Let them move you forward.
  • The character of a story only transforms when they have to face a challenge.
  • The seemingly worst things in our lives can actually become the best things, if we let them.
  • If you are living a meaningful story, you have a better chance of dealing with the challenges along the way.
  • Give pain a meaningful context and everything changes.
  • Wanting to win for yourself vs wanting to help others win is the transition from hero to guide.
  • As a leader, you are the guide. Your job is to help other people win.
  • Telling your story vs inviting people into a story (something they can participate in and be a part of).
  • The guide can still be the person out front. They are just helping YOU (the hero) win the day.
  • The hero asks for help.
  • The guide offers help.
  • Story Matters Because It’s What Matters About Life
  • Sometimes courage doesn’t feel like courage. It’s just the necessity of doing the next thing.
  • Viktor Frankl’s Recipe for Meaning includes:
    • Focused project that demands your attention
    • Redemptive perspective on your suffering (finding the good in the bad)
    • Community of people to share it with

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