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On this episode of The Jon Gordon Show, best-selling author and speaker Jon Gordon is joined by HR and learning and development executive, Amy P. Kelly to discuss the release of their new book, Difficult Conversations Don’t Have to be Difficult: A Simple, Smart Way to Make Your Relationships and Team Better.

You can order Difficult Conversations Don’t Have to be Difficult at AmazonBarnes & NobleBookshop or anywhere books are sold.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Mastering Strategies for Difficult Conversations: Learn how to navigate challenging discussions within your team with confidence and grace.
  • Embracing Transparency in Leadership: Uncover the power of openness and honesty in leadership to foster a culture of trust and accountability.
  • Building Trust Through Open Communication: Discover the key to creating a cohesive and united team through the power of transparent and open dialogue.
  • Understanding the Impact of Difficult Conversations on Team Dynamics: Explore how difficult conversations can influence team dynamics and learn effective ways to mitigate any negative effects.

About Amy P. kelly:

Amy P. Kelly believes in people and works with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them grow as the leaders they are created to be.

Her work combines her belief in people with a passion for achieving business results through human resources and development programs. Amy is an experienced HR and learning and development executive who builds award-winning employment brands, corporate universities, leadership development programs, and organizational well-being strategies. She is a certified high-performance consultant, master trainer, and executive coach who works with executives to develop exceptional talent and cultures that win in the marketspace while having fun achieving superior results.

You can find Amy believing in people and partnering to build great leaders, teams, and organizations in all aspects of life – whether it is at home with her husband and four children, in her community, or in businesses globally. It is her passion to believe in people and work alongside them to drive performance at the highest levels possible.

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