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2020 has felt like we’re living in pot of boiling water. So many challenges. So much adversity. But here’s the thing, when placed in the pot, an Egg is hardened. A Carrot is weakened. Don’t be like either. Instead be like the coffee bean. It transforms the water into something new.

You have the power inside you to transform your environment too.

That’s exactly what this episode of the Positive University Podcast is about. Jon Gordon is joined by Damon West as they share principles from their bestselling book, The Coffee Bean and how the message also benefits kids with the newly released Coffee Bean for Kids Book.

You can get a copy of The Coffee Bean and Coffee Bean for Kids anywhere books are sold. If you go to CoffeeBeanKidsBook.com you can also get access to download a free action plan and resources.

We hope this benefits you, your kids and others!

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