Your history doesn't have to limit your destiny.

Christine Caine

About our Guest

On this episode of the Positive University Podcast, bestselling author Jon Gordon is joined by Christine Caine. Christine is a bestselling author, activist, speaker and, together with husband Nick, she leads the anti-human trafficking organization A21 as well as Propel Women.

This is an episode that will move you to your core. Christine talks about leading through difficult times, human trafficking (which is modern day slavery that still exists today in numbers that will alarm you). She also shares she’s overcome the pain and abuse of her past and more.

Make sure you listen all the way through. While the entire episode is powerful, the last 15 minutes will blow you away. Christine shares one of the most profound messages on overcoming shame, fear and doubt that you’ll ever hear. It almost brought Jon to tears. You’ll understand why when you listen.

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