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On this episode of The Positive University Podcast Jon Gordon talks with Chadd Wright. Chadd grew up obsessed with becoming a Navy SEAL but when the Navy discovered a rare cyst on his heart, he was disqualified. Chadd refused to give up, ultimately finding a surgeon willing to perform a procedure that many wouldn’t because it was too risky.

The Cyst was removed and Chadd went on to realize his SEAL dream, serving over the next decade as a Team Leader on multiple deployments to conflict zones across the world.

He became a SEAL instructor. A Master Training Specialist. Chadd even served as a presidential bodyguard.

Now retired from the military, Chadd has found new life as an elite athlete and seeker of mind-body mastery. His story is fascinating as are the lessons he’s learned and that he shares with us today.

Connect with Chadd at https://3of7project.com/

Or @chadwright278 on Instagram.

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