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On this episode Jon Gordon is joined by the dynamic duo of David and Jason Benham… otherwise known as The Benham Brothers.

David and Jason are former professional baseball players, nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors. Their rise to success came with their first company, which grew to 100 offices in 35 states, and catapulted them onto the national stage. They topped charts like, Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, Wall Street Journal’s Top Five Real Estate Agents in America list and more. They even had a show on HGTV.

This conversation was recored in early April of 2020 so obviously much has transpired about the Corona Virus since. Regardless, the core of what David and Jason talk about remains just as impactful today as it was then. They share how to adjust your business and mindset during challenging times by using the 4 P’s. pause, pivot, make a plan and pursue the plan.

It’s a really great episode that will give you practical strategies and encouragement.

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Our featured resource this week is Jon Gordon’s new book, THE GARDEN. In it Jon shows you how to overcome The 5 D’s (doubt, distortion, discouragement, distractions, and division) that the enemy uses to sabotage us. Once you know how to defeat them, you’ll find more joy, happiness and peace in your life. It’s available anywhere books are sold and at readthegarden.com

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