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Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. On this episode Jon talks with one of our own amazing team members, Amy P. Kelly. Amy is a rock star! Her experience as a leader, HR professional and executive level consultant make her such an asset to our team and to any team she is able to serve.

During this conversation Jon and Amy talk about Amy’s journey, getting better personally and professionally, The Power of a Positive Team, taking your team to the next level, creating positive results, and more.

Amy’s perspective is powerful and her passion is contagious. You’ll be better after listening to this!

Connect with Amy direct at [email protected]

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Our featured resource with this episode is The Power of a Positive Team. It’s not just one of Jon Gordon’s bestselling books, it’s also one of our core offerings where we conduct workshop programs for leaders and teams. You can learn more at powerofapositiveteam.com – Also check out our Power of a Positive Team Online Video Training program. It’s a powerful, 7-part video training to help you and your team become more connected, committed and stronger together.

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