Rachel Baribeau


Sportscaster Rachel Baribeau talks helping others become the best they can be.

Duration - 20:22

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"I believe you call somebody by who they were created to be and you watch them rise up to it." - Rachel Baribeau

In this episode Rachel talks about changing the narrative in sports and in life. From who we are on and off the field to leaving a legacy and teaching men and women to be Kings and Queens that live up to who they were created to be.

Rachel Baribeau is a graduate of Auburn University. In 2008 she became the first known female Sportscaster ever fully to participate in a professional football training camp. She was the first female host on SiriusXM ESPNU and in 2015 she was honored with a prestigious Heisman vote. Rachel can be heard on the SEC and ACC channels in the SiriusXM family of Networks.

Connect with Rachel at rachelbaribeau.com